Catherine McCracken-Jones

Director & Educator

Certified Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom Educator and Trainer through the Positive Discipline Association. My passion is teaching Positive Discipline to families and teachers. I truly believe in the “ripple effect” in life wherein as we parent our children differently now, they in turn will parent their children differently and so on and so on. Every generation can build on the respectful, loving, but firm parenting and relationship techniques that Positive Discipline brings us.
Positive Discipline is a long term parenting philosophy that teaches kids to feel “I am capable, I can contribute, and I can use my personal Power in useful ways to improve my life and the lives of others!”


Colleen Bailey


I am a native Sonoma county resident, with bouts of travel fever. I really love and enjoy being the Pre-K teacher at Franklin Park Co-op Preschool. Having the ability to work with parents as a team to better children’s early learning is a really very satisfying. I look forward to building a working and nurturing bond with not only the children, but their parents also. One of the great joys of a co-op preschool is the sense of community and teamwork. I went to a co-op preschool and now it feels like I have come full circle by teaching at Franklin Park Co-op Preschool.


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