franklin park school building

What is a parent co-op?

Franklin Park Co-op is based on a parent model cooperative. A cooperative preschool is owned and operated by a group of parents and staffed by professional teachers and a director. This type of cooperative is run utilizing the parents as volunteers in the classroom and as board members that oversee the operation of the school. The Board of Directors is made up of current parents and legacy parents. The board members are voted in yearly and may be on the board for more than one year.

The parents work with the teachers in the classroom as well as in other areas such as, fundraising, cleaning, maintenance and public relations. These direct parental efforts and involvement make the cooperative a unique educational opportunity for both the children and their parents. For the parents, it’s a place to improve parenting skills and a chance to help shape their children’s first school experience. The children grow in mind, body and spirit as they are nurtured with acceptance and kindness by the teachers and the parents.

Being a co-op member requires an extra bit of time and commitment. In return the families reap the rewards of a high-quality preschool, lower tuition, parenting support and long lasting friendships.